Application of EM in the Poultry Farms

We are Providing a very promising and profitable technology in the Poultry Farms. By the help of EM ( Effective Microorganism) we are promising an effective change in the environment and improvement in the Poultry farms.

Our Consultants will survey the farm, after that they will confirm the dosage and  intervals. And the supervision  and guidance of our engineers the work will proceed.

We are following 4 methods to apply EM in the Poultry farms as given below.

1.Spraying in the Shed

 EM: Water = 1:200 (1L / M3)

2.Drinking Water

 Add diluted EM to the drinking water. EM: Water = 1:1000

3. Feeding

 Add 1 - 2 % of EM - Bio Supplement Feed additive with the normal feed.

4. Broiler Bedding and manure

Spray or Inject diluted EM in the broiler bedding and manure, EM: Water = 1:200 weekly.



  • Increase the average weight more than 150g / broiler
  • The egg production period increase 13%
  • The quality of meat and egg become better
  • EM can suppress odors,
  • Reduce the cost for Disease control as 26%
  • Reduce the Feed cost up to 20%
  • Reduce the Ammonia Concentration in the poultry house and environment as 26 %

  • Increase Amino acid Concentration in the feed as 28%
  • EM can keep the environment clean in the chicken house and suppress the infection.
  • EM can improve the health of broilers.
  • EM can keep the micro flora good balance in the birds stomach and enhance the immune system of chicken.
  • EM can make a good compost from chicken manure.
  • rReduce Odors and Flies  and control the healthy and good environment.
  • nFarmers can reduce disinfectant, insecticide and antibiotics.
  • nThe quality of manure is improved and sold better price.