The Organic Pesticides are the main factor for the Organic farms and good crops, Most of the organic pesticides are derivates of Neem, Garlic Citric acid, Mint Oil, Jojoba Oil and Etc. There is no harm for the farm workers and the domestic insects like bees etc.                                                                                                                                  In Co-Operation with the multinational companies like Soil technology corp. USA, Trifolio GmbH Germany, Andermatt Biocontrol AG and EMRO Japan. we are successfully solving the most of the problem occurring in the organic corp. 

Fungastop contains naturally derived ingredients which have been scientifically proven
to act as a brad spectrum antifungal and antibacterial compound.
1lit. Fungastop/ 400 lit Water.
Active: Citric  Acid, Mint Oil
Inert: Citrus Pulp, Fish oil, Glycerol, Vitamin C
Garlic Gard
Garlic gard is using as a repellent spray, which is actively repel insects
and nuisance animals including deer, elk, rabbits, geese, armadillos and iguanas.
Cost competitive with pesticides.
Repels for up to a  month
Pests do not build up resistance to garlic gard
Can be used on sensitive plants and turf
No special handling or protective clothing
Spray is harmless to beneficial insects
Garlic gard and water as 1:100 (1/100 lit)
Concentrated 100% garlic extract and water. 
Permatrol control the powdery
Permatrol needs to be applied only after powdery mildew or whiteflies is observed.
Make the first application when powdery mildew is observed and make follow up.
Under heavy infestations, two back to back application 7 days
apart may be required for control.
1 lit Permatrol / 1000lit of water
A rate for 0.5% v/v is optimum for moderate control.
A higher concentration up to 1.0%v/v is necessary for heavy infection,
Jojoba oil:                  97.50%
Other ingredients:     2.50%
Permatrol is labeled for all crops.
NeemAzal - T/S 
Directly from Nature
Efficient control of many insect pests and mites
Harmless to most beneficial
Non toxic to honey bees
Safe to aquatic organisms
Accepted for organic farming.
1 lit/ 100 lit. of water for 1 ha.
Extract from Neem seed
Monitoring of white flies, leaf miners and fungus gnats (sciarid flies), as well as leaf hoppers and thrips in viticulture
Trap density
1 trap per 50m2 cultured area. After a few weeks, the number of traps may be reduced according to the catches, continuing to place traps only at spots where the counts have been regularly high. The density should not be less  than 1 trap per 250 m2
Cleaning and reuse of traps 
The traps can be reused  after removal of glue and insects with petrol. Fresh glue can be purchased separately. 
Polypropylene with cadmium free pigment, coated with TANGLE TRAP insect trapping adhesive.
For thrips in greenhouse (Western Flowers Thrips Franklinie occidentals, Onion  Thrips tobaci) and in the field  crops leek and onion. To control pest density and the success of pesticides and of antagonist.
Trap density.
1 Trap per 50 m2 cultured area. After a few weeks, the number of traps may be reduced according to the trap counts, continuing to place traps where the counts regularly were high. The density should not be lower that 1 trap per 250 m2
Cleaning and reuse of traps
The traps can be reused  after removal of glue and insects with petrol. However, this operation is both relatively expensive and not without danger.
( danger of igniting fire, disposal of used petrol. Etc. )
The trap contain no toxic heavy metals and can thus be burned in  refuse incineration plant without damage to the environment.
Polystyrole with cadmium free pigment coated with  TANGLE TRAP insect trapping adhesive.
Flytrap out door
Extremely effective
100% natural
Lid assembly reusable, made of recyclable plastics
Trap bag and content 100% biodegradable
Ecologically safe
Causes no harm to humans, domestic and beneficial animals (e.g.- bees)
Reduce substantially the fly population
Economically cheaper in use than chemical pesticides
The flycatcher combines the function of a baited trap with the solar-energized evaporative function of a solar still. This novel concept ensure that the fly- attracting fermentation products of the bait are poured out into the atmosphere on a wave of warm water- vapor, drawing files from wide areas. This causes flies to enter the trap in great numbers. Crowding causes excitement inside the trap and this communicates itself through the thin walls of the bag to the flies outside. They lose no time in entering to " share the fun". Captured flies drown in the bait- water. There they are biologically consumed (as in a septic tank). Thus a colossal number of flies can be accommodated before emptying becomes necessary.

The flycatcher is designed specifically for outdoor use, and installed away from the home. It draws files away from your.- KITCHEN, BARBECUE, GARBAGE CANS, STABLE AND ANIMAL HOUSING, COMPOST HEAP, HOUSE AND TERRACES -  GARDEN, ETC