Rashed Establishment for Trading and Agriculture.


Rashed Est. has the successful  record of the past four years in the fields of agriculture, Poultry, Cattle farms and aquaculture, with in few days we are launching our new product "EM Organic Compost" which will be one of the most helpful product for the organic farms, and we are very proud to announce that we are having the Unique Products in the Kingdome. The EM. feed additive known as in the Kingdome "RAED FEED" for cattle and dairy farms, Poultry and Fish Cultivation, specially in the shrimp farms. In co-operation with EMRO. Japan we are successfully operating the Waste Water Treatment, Solid Waste Treatment and  Environmental Protection by  100% of natural method. In the forthcoming year we are going to launch Natural products like Home Care, Personal Care, Skin care and Health products which are 100% Natural and made by EMRO Japan.



Save our Health, Save the Earth and
Back to the Nature



Dear all,

I am very proud to say that we have the latest technologies in the field of Agriculture, Cattle, Diary farms, Poultry farms, Aqua culture- Specially for shrimp cultivation, waste water treatments. Which is not even a minute percentage of deviation form our vision, that is we are providing 100% successful solutions by naturally, environmental friendly.

Rashed Est. was established by the great inspiration of my father , and I thankful to him all the days to open a good way in the world.  And I assure  that we are providing good customer service by our customer care unit also by the adoption of latest information technology services. We are having qualified engineers for agriculture  and other relevant services mentioned above. In co-operation with multinational companies we are providing quality products like Seeds, Pesticides, fly traps and related items with in limited time. So please logon our site and share our latest information and utilize it for making a healthy generation.

Respectfully yours,

Rashed A Al Ghamdi.