What is EM...?

EM stands for Effective Micro organisms. EM is mixed culture of beneficial,
Naturally – occurring microorganisms mostly used or found in foods.
EM is made up Of 3 main genera Phototrophic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria
and yeast. These Effective microorganism secrete beneficial substances such as vitamins, organic acids, Chelated minerals and antioxidants when in contain with organic matter.
EM technology was developed over 20 years age by Dr. Teruo Higa, a professor at
the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan. EM was originally considered as
an alternative for agricultural chemicals. Today EM is produced in more than 50
countries around the world and is applied not only to enhance sustainable agriculture,
but also for environmental, industrial and health field applications. EM is not it
generally modified nor pathogenic.
Yeast: Ferment organic matter and contain vitamins and amino acids.
They are used for making bread, beer and wine.
Lactic acid bacteria: Ferment organic matter and produce organic acids that
inhibit pathogens. They are used for making yogurt and pickles.
Phototrophic bacteria (Photosynthetic bacteria): Work as a key component in EM.
They help maintain the balance with the other beneficial microorganisms,
allowing them to coexist and work together.

EM. X 
This gold colored liquid is made especially for human consumption using EM technology.
It consists of the extracts of whole grain, rice, rice bran, papaya, and kelp in water,
processed naturally the EM way.
EM  Seasoning salt
EM Seasoning salt is manufactured utilizing EM technology and is a wonderful alternative
to regular table salt to enhance the flavor of foods.
Ceramic Powder – fermentation "TERRA- C"
Used as a soil conditioner or fermentation enhancer for kitchen waster treatment.
Sprinkled over soil and / or tilled in to soil.
Ceramic -  Super C – Agriculture.
This is finely grounded ceramics powder created under high temperature,
by firing clay mixed with EM and EM. X used mainly for agriculture.
Ceramic -  Super C – Construction.
This is finely grounded ceramic powder created under high temperature, by firing clay
mixed with EM and EM-X. used especially for construction, such as paint, glue, and concrete.
Ceramics – Pipe 35 mm
For water treatment, and among our products, the shape and structure of this cylindrical type
EM-X ceramics provides the most surface area for contact with the water.
Ceramics – Ring – Water treatment- L
Jut place the Ring Stone in the bathtub when bathing.
Ceramics – Ring – Water treatment – S
The ceramic Ring can make water clusters smaller so water comes milder. Easy to use,
just put one in your cup, glass, or pitcher of water. It's also useful to place one in kettle when
boiling water
Ceramics – AMRON – Pipe (high Temp.) Water treatment.
Hollow, Porous type pellets with long infrared wavelength characteristics. For water treatment,
such as in  ponds, water tanks and fountains
Ceramics Sticker for Cell Phone
The EM made seal has the property of affecting electromagnetic fields such as from
electronic components, including cellular phone, to some extent fields occurring from mechanical
motors. The seal, though passive, can diminish the harmful effects of such wave fields. 
Ceramic plate – Heat Resistant
This is mainly used in microwave ovens as a turntable. The property of it diminishes the harmful
result of applying microwave to the food. The plate can be used as a cooking plate or serving dish.
Ceramics – AMRON- A Powder
This ceramic powder is specially designed for painting
Ceramics – AMRON- B Powder
The ceramic powder is designed especially for use of concrete.
EM Soap JOJOBA- Scent of Lavender
EM Soap Salt- Fragrance free.
EM Soap Squalane- Scent of Rose
These soaps can be used as a face wash as well as for the body. 100% pure essential oil such as
JOJOBA oil, Lavender oil,  there are no artificial colors, fragrance or any chemicals.
Good for skin and our environment.
Ceramics – AMRON –  Bracelet                                                                                      The long infrared wavelength characteristics of this EM- X ceramic bracelet help blood circulation
and help to diminish stiffness in the body. Comes 16 different colors and different size
Ceramics – AMRON- Necklace                                                                                        The long infrared wavelength characteristics of these EM-X ceramic necklaces help blood circulation
and help to diminish stiffness in the body. Available 16 different colors.
Ceramic Bracelet "EM de Bracelet"                                                                              This is made of acryl beads and containing EM Ceramics. You will feel EM power by this bracelet.
Available different color and different size.
Plastic Container for Kitchen waste recycle
This is a container for garbage  recycle. Including EM- X ceramics powder for material.
Ceramic Ring Type – S
Porous and highly capable of absorbing suspended substances in water, including chlorine.
This is using for Bath , Drinking Water for Pets , Watering Plants Arranged Flowers Inside the shoes.
Place 1 bag in the bathtub (200-300 L) of 100g / 2L
Ceramic Ring Type K
Activates water by making its molecular clusters small  and controls oxidation, Vitrified and emits
far- infrared rays. This is using for Drinking water, storing frying oil bath, toilet flush tank, laundry, aquarium, watering plants arranged flowers. Place 200 G for 2 L, 1bag in a bathtub (200 – 300L)
Ceramic Rings Type N
Absorbs mainly, ammonium nitrogen in water
This is using for Aquarium, pet toilet Place 2 bags in the aquarium (60 L)
Reductive ceramic
Makes water good Healy by lowering its red ox potential.
This is using for purifying Drinking water 200 g for 20 L
Ceramic rings for indoor use
Adsorbs harmful substances such as formaldehyde, and controls humidity
This is using for Refrigerator & cupboard Room, Closet, Shoebox & Toilet, inside the car.
Place 1 bag in a compartment / 1 or 2 bags for 10 – 15 m2
Ceramic rings for under floor
Controls humidity and mold, sterilizes germs and adsorbs formaldehyde. Under the floor 1 bag for 1 m2
Ceramic Powder
Adsorbs harm full substances in the building materials, paints and glue. Using Paint, glue,
foliar spraying mix with 1-2 % of paint & glue and 0.1 – 1 weight of water
Ceramic powder N
Retains soil nutrients necessary for plant growth. Using to make Composting kitchen garbage,
soil conditioning, pet toilet. Mix 1 % of EM Bokashi, 1 -2 % of fertilizer, 10-20 % of gravel type litter.
Ceramic Beads for free use
Activates water by making its molecular clusters small. Can be used for various purpose.
Mostly using Aquarium, arranged flowers, inside the pillow, A proper  amount under the gravel ,
A pieces in a vase. Replace a small amount of pillow stuffing with the beads.
Video Presentation for EM Application
This video covers agriculture, construction, and manufacturing points with Effective Microorganisms Technology™.  Produced  the Columbian distributor of EM•1® for EM Research Organization.
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